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About Red Scorpion



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About Me.

Anthony Hale - Head Coach and Founder of Red Scorpion, has ten years of experience coaching and two years of public speaking. He also has men from around the world to successfully achieve their ideal physiques whilst prioritizing their health and wellbeing.


The key to Red Scorpion's success is to listening, identifying and programming the ultimate plan that is tailored for the individual.


Red Scorpion's methods are proven and have helped many people loose body fat, build lean muscle, and create a healthy body for themselves and their families. 

If you're genuinely ready to get your health back and transform your physique. Red Scorpion is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Contact me and I’ll personally teach you the exact methods to have you seeing results in your first two weeks.

Are you ready for Change?

The path to success in any form, is laid in a plan.  The plan has been regurgitated and passed down many times over.  So why is it difficult for the majority of the population to succeed?  Because they don't have a coach! Guidance and direction are what coaches bring to the table. We identify where you are weak and assist you in smoothing out your path.  There is no easy path.  JUST A PATH. 

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